Welcome to the fascinating world beneath our homes – basements. Although sometimes rare to find in the South, basements still serve essential roles in homes, businesses, and more. This page provides a deeper dive into the realm of basements’ purposes, foundational factors, structure, and potential issues you may encounter in them. Use these articles as your hub for all questions, inquiries, or inspiration for finished basement ideas, basement maintenance, basement ventilation, and more!

Types of Basements

By Michael LeBas / March 10, 2023 / Comments Off on Types of Basements
Types of Basements

Why do some houses have basements, and what are the different kinds of basements? In the simplest of terms, a basement is part of the foundation that supports the house and the “need” for a basement is usually the result of where the house is located. In coastal regions like the Gulf South, there are…

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