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Crumbling Brick

Crumbling Bricks Issues – What causes brick walls to crumble?

Brick walls crumble and deteriorate due to many factors, both natural and man-made.  Specifically, we are talking about solid brick walls, not brick veneer...
faucet sprinkler system

Single Zone Faucet Connection For Lawn Irrigation

In our overview of irrigation article, we introduced a system that connects directly to an exterior faucet and provides control for a single zone....
what causes cracks in walls and ceilings - a case study

The Importance of Properly Assessing a Home – Case Study

Many articles on the HOUSETIPS website result from years of experience looking at foundation failure. This case study is about one client's concern about...
lawn sprinkler system parts

Lawn Irrigation – An Overview

Common Approach to Landscape Watering Along the coastal Gulf South, we typically receive adequate rainfall to mitigate watering needs for lawns and landscaping. However,...
tips to prepare for hurricane | hurricane prep checklist | example of hurricane weather

12 Hurricane Preparation Tasks to Do Now

The best time to prepare for a hurricane is before hurricane season starts. Listed below are steps to be taken to help you weather...
Benefits of a Metal Roof

5 Benefits of a Metal Roof

The decision to change the roof cover of your house is important because of the expense and intrusion into the solitude of your house...

Empowering Homeowners Through Education

The goal of HOUSETIPS is to help homeowners better understand the various systems of their house and provide insight to common and unusual issues that may occur. With decades of experience as forensic engineers, plan designers, home inspectors, and contractors, our team has unique experience in diagnosing failure patterns in houses. Our team has witnessed needless, costly repairs without repair of the actual cause of the damage. We want you better informed to save time and money so we tailored our content to help homeowners identify issues, possibly solve problems, and consider practical repairs. We hope you enjoy and benefit from the content presented by HOUSETIPS.


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Housetips, LLC

4 days 13 hours ago

'Tis the season; winter and the holiday are almost here!

Although winter brings the holidays and cheerful times, it can also bring many problems for your home. From the cold weather to rain storms, winters can sometimes be harsh on our homes. That's why I made HOUSETIPS for you!

Prepare for the winter and get ahead of the game by building your knowledge of all the things that could happen in your home! Visit the HOUSETIPS website today to get started!


Housetips, LLC

5 days 7 hours ago

From cracks to leaks to crumbling, I've seen it all. So, if you've found a frustrating issue in your home, I've got your back.

With the resources on the HOUSETIPS, you can learn the causes of issues, where to find them, and how to spot them before they worsen. Rather than immediately hiring an expensive repair person, you can learn more about what's happening in your home and determine what steps to take next.

Visit the HOUSETIPS today to discover more: housetips.net/

#HOUSETIPS #HomeRepairs #HomeImprovement

Housetips, LLC

6 days 18 hours ago

Have you ever walked through your home and noticed a curve in your wood floors? That's your wood floors buckling.

First things first. What causes wood floors to buckle? Moisture! If enough moisture is absorbed into the wood floors, the planks can begin to expand and push against each other.

So, what do you do when you've noticed your wood floors have buckled? Find the answer to this question and more by reading the article on HOUSETIPS today: housetips.net/moisture-problems/why-are-my-wood-floors-buckling/

Housetips, LLC

1 week 5 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our family at HOUSETIPS wants to wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving! We hope you create lasting memories and are stuffed with your favorite Thanksgiving foods!

Our HOUSETIP for this holiday is to enjoy yourself, and DON'T FORGET the turkey in the oven! 🦃 🦃

#HOUSETIPS #Thanksgiving #Turkey #TurkeySeason #Giving #Holiday

Housetips, LLC

1 week 6 days ago

Have you heard the joke, "Is your refrigerator running? Well, you better go catch it!"? Although this is a classic joke, what isn't classic is when you find your toilet running nonstop.

Running toilets can lead to an entire list of issues, with one being a high water bill. Check out the video included to listen to what caused this toilet to continue running and how I can fix it.

For more information on how to deal with issues in your home like this, visit HOUSETIPS today: housetips.net/

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