How Should I Prepare My House for Sale?

March 10, 2023

Oh, the pressure of preparing your house for sale.  So, you made the decision to move forward with putting your house on the market for sale.  Now, its time to clean, paint, arrange furnishings, hide items in storage and repair broken things………. that you know about!  Where do you begin?

You may consider upgrading finishes to your house to receive a higher sales price.  How much would that cost?  How long do you have to get all these things done?  Well, slow down!

Think about the activity of the next several months while you prepare your house for sale.  If your house is lacking in maintenance and service…….and be fair in your assessment……. you may consider getting a home inspection by a licensed home inspector.  Why on earth would you consider this expense?  Because, a buyer will likely have the house inspected and the buyer’s inspector will generally follow the same protocols as an inspector you hire.  So, the scope of work for the inspection may be similar and therefore produce similar results.  Don’t you think it would be beneficial to know of problems before a buyer finds out?  Generally, discovered problems during a home inspection in a buy-sell transaction may be costly to a seller.  Also, consider the opinion of your trusted real estate agent in preparing your house for sale.  Buyers like clean, well-managed, ready-to-move-in houses, which garner premium prices.

Consider these twelve tasks for preparing your house for sale.

  1. Maintain curb appeal with a clean, manicured lawn.
  2. Repair rotted wood features on the exterior of the house.
  3. Remove insect nests, spider webs, and other similar conditions that project neglected maintenance.
  4. Paint disparaged surfaces for a pleasant appearance
  5. De-clutter the interior of the house.
  6. Organize and arrange closets to project a large space allowance.
  7. Open the blinds, shades, or drapes to allow natural sunlight into the house.
  8. Clean bathroom features for a wholesome appearance.
  9. Remove pets and manage pet odors.
  10. Establish a subtle and fragrant environment.
  11. Offer peaceful, background music to present a warm environment.
  12. Remove political or advocacy emblems to create a neutral environment.

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