Why do I need a real estate agent?

March 10, 2023

do I need a real estate agent?

Real estate agents are valuable assets to the buy/sell transaction process when one is looking to purchase or sell a home.  Seasoned real estate agents understand the complexities of the process helping you manage the emotional, financial, and sometimes overwhelming process of buying and selling a home.  Licensed agents undergo training, engage in academic studies, and must pass appropriate licensure testing to obtain their license.  Experienced agents are versed in social and community patterns to accommodate their clients, understand development and demographic interests of their regions, and are familiar with price structure of housing units in various neighborhoods. 

Agents generally have a network of business professionals to assist you in finding lenders, attorneys, pest control operators, home inspectors, and needed trade people to assist you through the home buying process.  These professionals generally have access to listings in your geographical areas of interest and can search for properties meeting your desired specifications and amenities. Your home buying interest, such as school districts, parks, playgrounds, shopping malls, access to work, all figure into the research provided by real estate agents.  They do the work, so you do not have too!  Typically, agents assist with viewings of your properties of interest.  Also, as an added benefit, real estate agent fees are typically paid by the seller of the property, so the expertise of your real estate agent generally doesn’t cost you anything!

If you are selling your house, your real estate agent may provide advice in “staging” your house to provide pleasant views to perspective buyers.  Astute agents are familiar with current trends and subtle pleasantries, such as lighting, window shade balance, best time of the day for showings, and similar conditions to accentuate the presentation of your home.  When establishing a price for your home, real estate agents generally have an ability to access database information about your neighborhood revealing cost comparisons of your house and previously sold houses.  In doing so, one may consider a price/square foot comparison of sold homes verses your home.  Of course, other unique features, such as a swimming pool, outdoor kitchens, finished basements, bonus rooms, luxury kitchen finishes and appliances, etc…, may play a role in the price established on your home.  A resourceful and knowledgeable real estate agent can be invaluable in assisting you in the selling of your home.  Why not consider the advantages of an experience real estate agent?

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