Catastrophe Supply List

March 10, 2023

Catastrophe Supply List

A catastrophe brings tremendous hardship to affected regions. Having reliable products to begin the cleanup is essential. As such, the following items should be considered as a catastrophe supply list. When possible, store the items in dry bins (plastic containers).

Cooler (Ice chest), multiplePrybar or crowbar
Prepackaged foodsSheetrock knife and extra blades
Lawn chairsFlashlight with batteries
Folding tableHeadlight with batteries
Water (Bottled)Water Key to turn water off
Cloth Towels, multipleElectrical tester
Paper towels, multiple rollsBox fan
Toilet paperSmall Generator
Insect repellent5-gal Gas can with gas
Wasp sprayExtension cords
PadlocksGloves, multiple pair
Duct tapeKitchen garbage cans to hall trash
Rubber glovesHeavy duty lawn bags, multiple
Light bulbsShovel, flat edge
Camera and batteriesMobile phone and charger

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